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The easy way up.


Elevator Sites are affordable, modern websites that can be ready in days — not months.


Elevator Site was designed to be so cheap that it’s a no-brainer. We see countless businesses that have given up on managing their websites. And who can blame them? Most websites are an expensive hassle.
But what if it wasn’t?

What if your website was cheap and easy? What if you could have a new, modern website to promote your business by the end of the week for under $600?

This Week

You know that event/ trade show/ company picnic/ band gig/ wedding/ dog show/ pie-eating contest next month? It’s not too late to create an awesome promotional website. An Elevator Site is typically ready in 48 hours (once we have all the content of course. We can’t make something from nothing).




What does a website need?

Mobile Friendly

More web browsing is done on phones than computers. A desktop-only layout is not only comical in , but will reduce your Google performance and negatively impact the experience of your visitors. And the visitors that do make it to your site will probably leave in disgust.

SSL Encryption

That little padlock isn’t just for banking. It’s a sign of respect to your visitors that you value their privacy. Google values it too, and you’ll see that reflected in your search results.

Brief + Images


Images are worth 1,000 words. But no one reads 1,000 words on the Internet. We’re in the golden age of short attention spans. It makes sense to convey what you can with images and keep the rest of your message brief.




So what is an Elevator Site?

An Elevator Pitch is a compressed sales pitch that conveys all the excitement of your plan in 30 seconds.

An Elevator Site is a single-page site that eliminates infoclutter and focuses only on what you really need to convey and what you really need technologically.

A single page?

Yes! This is a single-page site!

Single-page sites have been popular for a while. They keep your message focused and they’re super easy to use on your phone. There’s no fat-fingered poking around—just scroll. You’ll be surprised by how much you can say in a single page. Just be direct, compelling, and a little clever. Ditch the clutter and stop wasting everyone’s time...especially your own.

So it’s one page, but it’s a mobile-friendly, SSL protected page that can hold whatever content you need. Embed YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, Google calendars...you get the idea.

But I need all my cool stuff!

All your cool stuff can live on your blog or on Facebook or on Instagram, and these can all be embedded into sections of your Elevator Site. If you can streamline your message, you can make Elevator Site work for you.

If you REALLY need multiple pages then Elevator Site isn’t for you. But that’s okay. We have the prfect way to build a site with multiple pages.

2D Site

2D Sites are built on a lightweight platform that gives you all the control you want over pages, posts and galleries while getting the same great team that builds Elevator Sites. Check out 2Dsite.com to learn more.




$599* + $17/month**

*Base price. Complex or custom features may be extra. Special pricing available for non-profits and bulk purchases.

**When paid annually.
$19/month with annual contract.
$24/month when month-to-month.

Why not?

Replace your outdated site with a slick new Elevator Site in a few days.

You don’t have to spend thousands and wait months for a custom site.

You don’t have deal with the frustrating time-suck of those "easy" online tools. You should be doing more important things.

Got free hosting?

Earn a month of free hosting for every site you refer.
And yes, you can refer yourself when you have multiple Elevator Sites!

What do you get?

  • A site built on one of our single page layouts:
    • Slider: Probably the most common layout on the web: a slideshow at the top of the page and supporting content below it.
    • Parallax: Where images and content seem to slide over each other as you scroll down the page, like this page does.
  • Your logo, colors, and fonts of your choice.
  • Up to six blocks of content:
    • A block consists of a paragraph and a corresponding image.
    • A block can be displayed in columns, parallax style, or with the image in a slideshow that links to info further down the page.
    • Additional blocks are possible but will have an added cost.
  • Add icons (via Font Awesome) to add visual interest and user convenience.
  • Embed content like:
    • Forms
    • YouTube videos
    • Google calendars
    • Maps
    • Social feeds
    • PayPal buttons to do a little light eCommerce.
  • Fundamental Search Engine Optimization - The basics are always a good idea. If you really want to engage in online marketing, consider using Elevator Site for specific campaigns as landing pages.
  • Lots more! If it can be embedded, it can be added to an Elevator Site.






We can do moar. I mean...more. But we can only do so much before we have to punch the time clock.
Additional programming, design, images, and added coolness is available for $49 per 30 minutes.


Well, we aren’t going to make Amazon.com with a single page, but we can do some pretty cool custom stuff. Let us know what you’re thinking and let’s see what we can do.


We can help with design, logos, cleaning up images, writing copy, the whole shebang. Plus, we have partnerships with lots of talented people/agencies/wizards who are amazing at making cool stuff.

And if you’re absolutely sure you need more, check out the agency behind Elevator Site: Version2. They can do just about anything with a computer and an Internet connection.

We’ll make it work.

We’ve been making websites for a long, long time. We’ve seen a lot and would really like to make your online better. So let’s talk. And if you’re a non-profit or do-gooder, please reach out to us. We’d like to help if we can!


going up?


Have questions? Ready to get started?

We love to answer questions!

Just send us a message using the form or call to speak to a real human!
(It's not as scary as it sounds.)


If you have your text and photos ready, we can have an Elevator Site ready for you in a few days. If you need a little time to tinker, that’s cool. Just know we’re here to help streamline and declutter the web design process.




We’re local if you are!

Well, we’re local if you’re in Cincinnati. Our designers/developers would like to extend a hearty midwestern handshake to you wherever you are. And if you’d like to talk on the phone in American English and exchange emails from 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard, so much the better.

The point is that Elevator Site is an American product, built by American designers and programmers, and hosted on American servers. Elevator Site is simple, but it’s still handmade with attention to detail.